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EPC Certificates (Energy Performance Certificates)

Legally you cannot let a property without one of these in place. They are fairly inexpensive to obtain with prices ranging from 35-75 per inspection. They will last for 5 years and generally it is only advised to get one changed if you have major changes to your property for example windows and boilers being changed.

There is often a lot of confusion if you need one or not and who is exempt from the rulings so lets clarify a few things:

  • Self Contained If you property is a self contained and let on a single agreement an EPC certificate is required.

  • Shared Properties (Individual Agreements) If you have tenants on separate agreements per room then anEPC certificate is not required.

  • Shared Properties (Single Agreement) If you have a shared property but rent it out on a single agreement then an EPC certificate is required.

  • Halls or residence or Hostel If you have halls or a hostel on a single room by room basis an EPC certificate is not required.

After these changes to legislation in October if you failed to provide you tenants with a valid certificate and had let the property to them on a contractual basis you would be subjected to a 200 fine and it would also invalidate a Section 21 Repossession order.

In Scotland landlords are required to go one step further and actually have the EPC displayed in the property for current tenants. You can find out if your property has a current EPC in place from the below link:
EPC Register


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