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Factors that influence modern renters

The property rental sector has changed hugely over the years, while the common assumption was people would rent until they were able to afford a property for themselves, now people are remaining in rental properties for longer and are generally happier with the more freedom renting provides financially. With this in mind renters are becoming more critical and picky when choosing a rental property so if landlords are not making sure they keep on top of their properties chances are they will be loosing out to more cared for properties. So what are the current generation looking for when deciding on a property:

Location and proximity to local amenities

This is the key factor when people generally look for a property. How well connect to transportation routes is it motorways trains etc.How close are local shops and bars to the property, are there local schools for children. The more of these areas that are convenient and made clear to viewers the more sellable the property becomes.

High Broadband Speeds

Years ago it would be funny to think that connection speeds and area hotspots were important to deciding where to live but with the growing demand and pressure on being accessible to the world wide web people are using this as a deciding factor. Do simple online tests on your bandwidth in the area and see what sort of connection speeds you can achieve.
Fortunately, Rightmove offers this service for free just follow the below link to see what your area can achieve:

Ready to go and move into

The young aspirational market today are very much about being able to change and move locations with work and job requirements. Its becoming less important to be tied down to a house and having lots of furniture to lug around with you. To capitalise on these requirements its generally best to provide most bulky items for tenants, beds wardrobes and couches. But always make sure sufficient inventory checks and deposits are logged towards damages to avoid money being lost. If you are providing more items you can generally charge more on your rental aswel so do your research and try get some good buys to really capitalise.

Energy efficiency and cost to run

More then ever how energy efficient your property is and the general cost of running it are big factors for the modern generation. Things such as double glazing, loft insulation, efficient heating systems and lower energy appliances are all going to help count towards your property offering the best value for money to a potential renter. If you have had any changes to these items, make sure you get an up to date Energy Performance Certificate.


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