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Gas Safety Certificates

In recent years not much has changed in responsibilities regarding the need for Gas Safety Certificates.
The landlord is still solely responsible for the maintaining of the safety of the gas appliances within their properties.
These checks are only valid for 1 year and need to be updated each time an appliance is changed. Items that need to be checked and maintained with a Gas safety certificate are all gas appliances, pipework, fittings and flues. All need the annually check and servicing as any problems that occur can have fatal implications for tenants.

Records of the certificates should be provided to tenants on the onset of a signed agreement or within 28 days if they have had works done that affect the gas appliances. They should also have an agreement within there contract to allow access annually for the check and must be made aware of the mains gas lever in the event of an emergency.

Gas checks must be made by someone who is on the valid Gas Safe Registrar (formally the Corgi Safe Registrar) and must have a valid registration number and ID Document. Always check these details before you let someone work on your gas appliances.

For further information, click the below link to access a help guide:
Gas Safe Register


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