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Get you property ready for the rental market

Picking a respectable agent at the right price is one obstacle all sellers will have to go through. The real secret to getting success out of your property is to let people see your property at its best. Granted if you have tenants currently its not the easiest but there are particular areas you can focus on that make all the difference to potential renters.

First Impressions always count

Its true what they say it does matter what people think and feel straight of the mark and thatís not only relevant to properties. Even before viewers get to you door have a look at the external areas: garden, hallways, drives, paths. Ask yourself what impression is it all making, is it good? Is it tidy, clear, easily accessible and all importantly does it give a good impression to anyone who is seeing it for the first time? Make sure you keep clutter and unwanted rubbish down to a minimal the more things you have around the less chance they have of imagining themselves there and being able to put their own stamp on it.

Interior upkeep and standard

The second most important thing on the list and still falls into the same category is decoration. Its not the cheapest job on the list admittedly but if it is kept on top of it makes a huge difference not only to the impressions of the property. It also gives the viewers an insight of your care for your property. If it is done properly once it is fairly inexpensive to do simple patchwork and top ups on wear and tear after tenancies. Try to keep these neutral and light as these colours show off your properties space and darker colours close in spaces and leave a less then positive feel to a property.

Let natural Sunlight and fresh air into your property

Natural light makes a huge difference. If the house has curtains and blinds open them up to really light a room up and again give more perception of space. If its not to cold get some windows open and get as much air flow through the house as possible. There is nothing worse than stale smells when entering a room and its really does make you feel more relaxed if a place is well ventilated.

All areas should be clean and tidy

Having a clean property is a must. It doesnít matter how nice the property actually is, if it looks like a tip people will think it is one. A deep clean is not always necessary but wipe surfaces, hoover and mop floors and get rid of rubbish and clutter. They are not going to root through everything but just do all the areas that are easily visible.


"They kept their word, and within four days, we were settled into an even better property than the one we originally wanted"

Mr. Holt, June 2015

"What can I say, the team at S&B Properties are a really great bunch and offer a really great service"

Ms. Holdsworth, July 2015

"S&B Properties know their stuff, they laid out a clear plan for the repairs and kept costs down, they are a great management company"

Mr. Nangla, May 2015

"They brought my property back to life, they worked tirelessly to get it back to rentable state, provided me with financial assistance where they could"

Mrs. Gondo, June 2015