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Smoke alarms & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

In October 2015 new legislation was passed that made it the responsibility of landlords to make sure that there was sufficient smoke detectors within their rental properties. You will now need one on every floor that has living accommodation on and carbon monoxide detector in rooms that have fuel burning appliances such as boilers, stoves and fire places.

As a landlord it is your responsibility to make sure that there are enough of these in place, make sure they all work and are tested to ensure the safety of your tenants. After the initial test it is generally the tenantís responsibility to make sure they are in working order throughout the tenancy but and to check them as regular as once a month. If the detectors appear faulty at any point then it is the landlords responsibility to replace the unit.

Failure to adhere to these rules could mean a fine of up to £5000 so it is highly recommended that you check the units before tenancies, have them placed in all the relevant living areas and make sure the tenants are fully aware of their obligations to check the units regular.

For further information, click the below link to access a help guide: Government PDF Guide


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